About Bob Schmitz Properties

Serving the Durham area for over thirty years!

It is our mission to provide quality properties at a fair price and to diligently maintain your home with excellent service both in the field and in the office. We offer a portfolio of over 340 rental properties ranging from renovated studios to apartments to restored 7 bedroom Victorian houses and all points in between. All of our properties are within a 2 mile radius of a Duke Campus.

Our maintenance team will promptly and efficiently address repairs in your home and other maintenance concerns within sixteen business hours. We also offer you the support of a professional and dedicated office team who are readily available to address any and all of your concerns.

Bob Schmitz Properties currently owns and offers 23 homes that are on the Historic Registers of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Architecturally significant properties are available for you to call home in the Lakewood Park Historic District, Duke Park, West Durham, Trinity Heights Historic District and the Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association. We continue to seek out and renovate new properties to provide new and exciting rental housing options for residents in the surrounding communities. 

Come and visit our office located at 1222 #A Broad Street, formerly the Watts Hospital Staff Home, and see why we are different!


  • Whenever friends are looking for a place to rent, I always recommend your company.  I am sorry to be leaving Durham as I know that I will not find a company of your caliber in (the place I am moving).  I truly appreciate all of your assistance during my entire tenure as a tenant of Bob Schmitz Properties.
  • It's hard to find an apartment that feels unique amidst all the new developments sprouting up everywhere, so I feel like one of the fortunate ones.  Unlike most of the newer apartments, my apartment has character.  It is spacious and conveniently lcoated and most importantly, is comfortable.  Built in the 1940's, the apartment is so well maintained that it looks like it was renovated yesterday.  I have beautiful hardwood floors, windows in every room letting in lots of light, and a shared back yard large enough for everyone to enjoy.
  • I LOVE the house I live in. Bob Schmitz properties are wonderful older homes that have been restored... He takes pride in his properties, doing things such as planting flowers and trees or building a deck off the back of your house to add a feeling of home to the rental properties. I have been very pleased with my living situation and would HIGHLY recommend looking at Bob Schmitz Properties...The price is right, the location excellent, and the staff very friendly and ready to fix any problem or concern you have.