Resident Responsibilities

Resident Expected Regular Maintenance

Please review your lease, but tenants are generally expected to take care of the following items:


If you have a central HVAC system, you are responsible for changing the filter every 30 days; if you are having trouble figuring out where the filter goes, please call us at the office. These filters are readily available at all home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot), many big box stores (Wal-Mart), and online. Changing your filter regularly makes your system run more efficiently, which will use less electricity!

Smoke and CO detectors:

Please check your smoke and CO detectors every 30 days; you are responsible for changing the batteries as needed.


Tenants are responsible for changing their own lightbulbs.

Yard and gutters:

If you live in a single family home, you are typically responsible for mowing and maintaining the lawn. This includes taking care of the leaves and cleaning the gutters if applicable! If you are unsure of your responsibility or need some assistance, please check your lease or call the office!


Please clean out your lint trap every time you use the dryer. Your clothes will dry more quickly, and you will use less electricity!

Let us know when you see something wrong!

Please give us a call or submit an online work order for any issues you may see! We can't fix it if we don't know about it, so please give us a call or submit an online work order if you see an issue.